This page is intended to provide news of classmates that are ill or infirm, and need our prayers.  It may also occasionally be used to provide news of friends and/or family of our classmates and guests.

   from Sam

Sherry is doing fantastic!  Surgery went great and she is skating through her rehab like a real trooper. 
is having total hip replacement surgery today, and has requested to be included in your prayers.  If you are not otherwise in contact with her, please "post your response on the Message Forum, or you can email her directly from the website.  


8/4/17 News from Sam:

Just a note to let you know that our friend Robert Sullivan is doing well.  He still has the same medical issues but his spirit is good and he is up and about every day.  He lives during the week at Chandler Nursing Center near Tyler, where they treat him like the rock star that he is.  They seem to really love him and he teases them constantly.  Amazing how they laugh at things he says and love his comments, when some of his remarks would result in a slap (or lawsuit) if someone else said it.  He is able to spend many weekends at home.  He is interested in news about all of our classmates and has stories about every one of us.  (Some can be repeated, and others not so much.)

Robert's macular degeneration limits his use of email, though I think he does it some.  If you want to brighten his week a bit with a card, you can send it to him C/O Chandler Nursing Center, 300 Cherry St, Chandler, TX 75758.


P. S. I'm not starting a gossip column but I do want to share good news like this from time to time.  Got any?


Word was received today (Oct. 22, 2016) that Shirley Haak Lane's mother, aged 92, died last night.  Shirley has provided the following information:

Service will be Tues. Oct. 25, 2016
Visitation: 1pm prior to 2pm service
PLACE: Morton Baptist Church
              State Hwy 154, West of Harleton

Rader Funeral Home, Longview


Shirley's mailing address is:
Mrs. Shirley Lane
22276 St Hwy 154
Diana TX 75640




the following from Jack Canson's facebook (10/4/16).  Go there to see the many supportive comments from their friends.

Nancy and I and all of Barney's family are overwhelmed with the love and support so many from far and wide have given us since our tragic loss of dear Barney Canson. I want you all to know that the love and affection you have tendered us has helped us, and will continue to help us, forever. Those who are able to attend his memorial service Tuesday 7 PM at Marshall Visual Art Center, we hope to see you then. God bless each and every one who has reached out to us.

<div class="bwleft"> <span class="bwbold">Barney Canson<br /> </span></div> <div class="bwjustify"> MARSHALL
Barney Andrew Nathaniel Canson was born March 3, 1989, in Los Angeles, California, and died September 25, 2016, at his home in Marshall, Texas. He was 27. An exceptional scholar and artist of...

On Friday, I emailed the classes to report that Nina Perkins had fallen in her backyard, hit her head on a brick, and had to be rushed to the hospital, where she spent 7 days in ICU.  I learned this afternoon that she went from ICU to the neurologist, and is now in rehab.  She is able to walk, and reportedly, the chances of a full recovery are good, but she still does not have much control over her left side.


ABE LEE NADER  9/5/2016

from Sam
Dear Friends,
I received the following message from Jeri Lynn, regarding her recent lunch with Abe Lee.  I know you will be interested:


Dear Sam,

had lunch with Abe in d.c.--he is doing great and looks wonderful--we talked so much about our reunions--sure he and his wife will attend the next one--let all know to keep him in their prayers that both sides of his brain begin to work in harmony--it was so wonderful to see how well he is. blessings.  Jlm-c


from Kay Solomon Andrews 8/29/2016

Hi, Sam,

Would you mind passing this info along to our friends?
Several months ago I asked you if you knew anything about Abe Lee Nader.  Thanks to the Mavs website, he contacted me this afternoon.  He asked me to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers for his recovery.  He also thanked Edd Clark for the incredible MAVS website.  He has so much enjoyed being able to keep up with his childhood friends in Marshall and would love to see everybody.
Very briefly, Abe had back surgery last April and now has two rods on each side of his back after a 13-hour operation last April. He is very positive about his recovery and is making good progress with lots of painful but productive exercises.  Looking forward to going from walker, to 2 canes, to 1 cane, to no cane.  And he's getting there.  He won't be able to travel to our reunion.
A little background.  Abe lived in a gorgeous Victorian house close to the high school.  He graduated from SFA and then went on to SMU to earn a Masters in Finance. From there he went to work for the Fed'l Reserve in Kansas and Washington.  He was instrumental in developing the program for scanning codes such as those used for goods in grocery stores to then charge debit or credit cards cards.  Pretty smart.
He's married to Mary Etta (51 years), has two kids and 3 grandkids.
If you'd like to contact him, please do so at or
104 Ladyshire Lane, Apt. C 209, Rockville, MD 20850
And Gerald, he would so love to be added to the email string to keep in the loop.
If anybody knows anything about David Rutledge, I'd sure enjoy hearing about what and how he's doing.  I understand that Elaine, his sister, was at one of our reunions, but I didn't get to see her.

That's my news.  Hope everybody's doing great.    Thanks, Sam.  Kay

Note about David Rutlege from Sam 8/30/2016
I had a long conversation with David Rutledge a few days ago.  We have talked several times during the last few years and he is always interesting and fun to visit with.  His health is much better now than it was, though he is still dealing with some troublesome health issues.  He has such fond memories of his growing up years in Marshall and says he considers Marshall his home town.  He asks about many of our classmates and remembers many fun times with them.  He grew up next door to Kay Clark McCrary and down the street from Kay Solomon Andrews and Jim Harris.  Edd Clark was also in the neighborhood for part of that time.  He asks about many of our other friends from our Junior High days.  I don't think David does email, but his mailing address is 1066 San Souci Way, Clarkston, GA 30021.




received 7/25/16 

 Mission - On July 21, 2016, John Jacob Galik went to be with his Lord and Savior after a year long battle with cancer. He was 72-years-old. John was born in East Texas to Walter M. (Guy) and Elizabeth Galik. He married his high school sweetheart, Susan Musser and, in 2013, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. John worked for ATT/Southwestern Bell for his entire career, starting in Austin and then moving to McAllen in 1977. He also served as an active Rotarian and Rotary Club President. After retiring at te young age of 55, Johnny and Susie moved to Mission on the golf course at Cimarron CountryClub. John enjoyed many years of playing golf, helping his community and neighbors with projects, volunteering his engineering and construction skills to United Methodist Church's Cornerstone building project and serving as a board member of Habitat for Humanity. Besides golf, John loved snow skiing, watching the Cowboys, and playing with his grandchildren. He is survived by his wife Susan, daughters Diane Galik Tijerina (Jaime) of Mission and Amy Galik Holcomb (Trace) of Houston, grandchildren Katie Dunnavant, Lauren Holcomb and John Holcomb, and sister, Elizabeth (Betty) Galik Boyd (Joe) of The Woodlands and sister-in-law Jaynie Galik of Florida and their families. He is predeceased by his parents and his brother Kenneth Galick. The family would like to thank IPH Hospice Care, Inc., Sandra Perez and Lupita Chapa, for their excellent and compassionate care. They ask that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the local Salvation Army, local Habitat for Humanity, or the Sanctuary Fund for the First United Methodist Church of McAllen. A Service of Celebration will be held at 4:00 p.m. Saturday, July 23, 2016 at First United Methodist Church in McAllen. - See more at:


If you want to send Susie a card or note:


408 Rio Grande
Mission, TX 78572




from Sam - 7/20/16


Dear friends,

You will recall that we learned in April that Abe Lee was facing significant back surgery to correct problems which were resulting in his being permanently bent over.  He told us that the surgery would correct "mistakes of surgery done 4 years ago," and avoid paralysis.

Since then, many have asked about Abe Lee, and I have emailed him to wish him well, let him know of our support, and request an update on his condition.  I have not received any response until the following text message received tonight:

"Please tell everyone thanks for the thoughts and prayers.  Summary: 13.5 hrs of surgery in 2 days.  It will take 6 months to 2 years to recover.  Came out totally parlayzed from the waist down.  So far, 3 months and have some feelings below the waist.  Outlook is good.  99 staples to put my back together.  Please keep in touch.  Abe"

I do not know whether he is doing email, but Abe Lee's mailing address is:

104 Ladyshire Lane, Apt 201
Rockville, MD 20850

his email address is:












Let's cover Steve up with cards and good wishes.  The address is:

Steve and Linda Verhalen

21 N Autumnwood Way

The Woodlands, TX 77381-1306

Johnny Galic

from John via the Marshall Mavs '62 website
John is at home under hospice care surrounded by his family. He is resting comfortably. He is thankful for your interest and prayers.


I received news today that Johnny Galik (class of '62) has entered hospice.  He has had kidney cancer for about a year, and it has advanced to stage 4.  It is my understanding that he is a Christian, not afraid, and remains upbeat about it.

Johnny and his wife Susie Musser Galik (class of '64), live in Mission, Texas, and have 2 daughters.  One lives in Mission and the other in Houston.  Please keep Johnny and his family in your prayers.  More news as it becomes available.



from Cathy Cole Reeves 6/23/16

Sam:  Thank you for letting us know about our dear Verhalen.  Steve plans to call him in a few minutes and he is certainly in our prayers. 


Meanwhile I decided it is time to let you guys know what has been going on with the "other" Steve and ask for prayers for him as well.  He had been having an irritating cough for a couple of months before we came out to CO, but doctors had thought it was due to first allergies and then medications.  Regardless, when we got here it got worse AND his ankles began to swell.  A midnight emergency room trip to Durango resulted in his hospitalization for two pulmonary embolisms, one in each leg, and another blood clot was discovered in his leg the next day.  He was released on blood thinners and oxygen and he has been pretty much doing nothing but coughing for over a week.  However, a trip to the doctor in Durango yesterday has us feeling much encouraged .

The continued coughing is the lungs' response to the irritation from the clots, which are forming "protective" scar tissue.  Depending on how much scarring there is, he may or may not have to continue on oxygen for a while.  However, this morning he has been without oxygen for several hours and is maintaining 93% oxygen on his own, so we feel there is a real turn-around already. 


I think he is happiest about the fact that his doctor in Durango, a fly fisherman, is coming out to fish Bear Creek tomorrow, and he wants to watch over his shoulder!

Seriously, we are both very grateful for the recovery he is experiencing and ask you to add him to the prayers for classmates in need.  We love you all.....


Cathie and Steve


from Sam - 6/22/16

Steve found out a couple of days ago that he has a malignancy attacking his kidney (he only has one kidney, for some reason that isn't important right now).  He was having symptoms of a very bothersome backache over a period of months and the docs discovered this kidney problem was causing the backache.

The cancer Steve has is a slow-growing one and the doctors seem ​very confident they will be able to eliminate it by removing roughly 1/3 of the kidney.  There are no plans at this time for chemo or radiation.  The exact day for the surgery has not been decided, but it will be early next week at a hospital in The Woodlands.  He expects to spend about 5-7 days in the hospital following the surgery. 

He isn't taking out any billboards, but he did want to let you guys know what is going on.  Although surgery is no fun, the doctors believe he will be back to his old Indian self relatively quickly.  He is, after all, in darn good shape for his age - of course, as he is fond of reminding us, he is the youngest guy in our class (okay, except for Bofus).

Steve will let us know when the surgery is scheduled.  Meantime, prayers for him and Linda are in order.

from Sam 6/23/16

Several of you have asked about Verhalen.  Below is the information about the challenge he faces.  I talked with him a few minutes ago and they have scheduled his surgery for July 18, which, I think, means they don't consider it to be urgent (good sign.)   The surgery will be at The Woodlands hospital (a branch of Hermann Hospital Houston.)  He'll be in the hospital 5-7 days and then in bed for 4 - 6 weeks.  As you are no doubt aware, Verhalen is - to say the very least - an active guy.  Linda will be faced with the daunting task of keeping her ADHD husband indoors for the recuperation period. 

He feels fine at this point, and is still "blowing and going."  If you are inclined to let him know you are thinking about him, or if you later want to send him a get well card, the address is:

21 N. Autumnwood Way

The Woodlands, TX 77381-1306



Dear Friends,

As you may have noticed, Abe Lee joined our class website this year, having retired and moved to Rockville, Md to be near grandchildren (well, his son, too, but probably mostly to be near grandchildren.)  Over the past several years, Abe Lee has had a rough time with back issues and is now hopeful there may be a solution.  He requests the prayers of his classmates.  Here is Abe Lee's email:

"April11th I will check into GW Hospital Washington DC  for spinal  surgery..The first day will be 2-3 hrs of surgery to prepare for the next day of spinal surgery which will be 8-10hrs of surgery to place 2 rods from the top to bottom of my spine. This will repair the mistakes of  surgery done 4 years ago when we lived in Jackson WY.  Recovery time will be 4-12 months.The prayers of  my classmates and friends will be appreciated.The surgery must be done or I will be reduced to paralysis from waist to toes. Hopefully all will be OK and I will be like new with few after effects.  At least I will be able to walk standing straight up and down.  My head surgeon is Dr.Rosner who has 37 years experience and is the Head of Neurosurgery at the medical school. He was the same at Walter Reed before its closing.I am lucky to have him and his team doing it.

This is an update.Thanks for allowing to share this."

Speaking of the website, by the way, I hope you saw what Edd did with the Ides of March and Easter.  Outstanding!  Thanks, Edd for keeping the site entertaining and informative.



I learned yesterday (3/18/16) that our classmate Frankie McConnell unexpectedly died while visiting his son and grandchildren in California.  Frankie is claimed by both the 1960 and 1961 classes.  He was very well thought of in Marshall, where he operated a photography studio and did beautiful work.  For years, he was a photographer for the Marshall News Messenger and did work for many other TV stations and news outlets.  He was a quiet and really good guy and loved being in Marshall, though he had lived several other places because of his work over the years.

Frankie and Lynda celebrated their Golden Anniversary in 2013.  They had three children, Frankie McConnell II and wife, Mandy (who they were visiting at Acton, Califoria), Amie Grubbs and husband, John, who live in Jefferson, and Eric McConnell who lives here in Marshall.  They also have several grandchildren.

The family may be contacted at: